GTA2 KDC470 SmartSled

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 SmartSled Charging Case for KDC470

The power and rugged quality of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active2 demands powerful and rugged accessories.

The KDC470, connected to the Galaxy Tab Active2 via a SmartSled, is the right accessory for data collection.

The KDC470 can read 1D or 2D Barcodes and comes in 3 varieties:

  • KDC470L – 1D Laser
  • KDC470D – 1D CCD
  • KDC470C – 2D Imager

The KDC470 is IP65-Rated with a 5-foot drop-spec making it the most water, dust, and shock resistant barcode scanning solution available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2.

The modular SmartSled design protects your investment by providing an easy upgrade option when you decide to expand to the next business-grade Samsung tablet by eliminating the need to entirely replace your sled scanning solution.

The SmartSled features a direct connection for charging both your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 and the KDC470 ensuring your data collection solution will outlast your work shift (even on those long days).

Future companions for expanded data collection methods are being developed – reach out to a member of our team to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 in KOAMTAC Charging Cradle
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 in KOAMTAC 1-slot Charging Cradle
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Accessories Charging Cradle with KDC470 for barcode scanning

KDC470 Charging Cradles

The KDC470 Charging Cradles are uniquely designed to charge your KDC470 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 simultaneously.

The KDC470 1-slot Charging Cradle comes with 2 USB Ports to enable charging of multiple other devices and a spot to charge a back-up battery for the KDC470 (2.7V DC, 1130mAh Lithium-Ion).

The KDC470 4-slot Charging Cradle is the ideal charging option for a large team equipped with Galaxy Tab Active2s. Charge up to four Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2s and KDC470s at the same time. Set it in the cradle at the end of your shift and both devices will be fully powered for the next one.