KDC Wearable Barcode Scanner Accessories

The Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner are the perfect solution for anyone who requires the use of both hands while scanning. Made of durable, yet lightweight, material both solutions are hard-wired directly to your KDC® for a guaranteed connection resulting in efficient hands-free scanning and the ease of a Bluetooth® connection to your tablet or smartphone.

The ergonomic design reduces strain and reduces accidents while keeping the wearable accessories sanitary when transferring between users meaning less replacement and lower overall cost. Both the Ring Scanner and Finger Trigger Glove contain hook-and-loop connectors between the scanner’s protective pouch and the wearable portion as a safety feature while maintaining a low profile reducing interference when carrying or sorting through objects.

Coming in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps the Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner are made for every person with a need to scan on-the-go.

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KDC Finger Trigger Glove

The KDC200/KDC270/KDC300/KDC350 Finger Trigger Glove is the lightest, most economical wearable barcode scanning solution on the market. The finger trigger glove enhances the user’s data collection process and does not require an external power source. In addition, it is also completely wireless.

Gloves are available for the left and right hand.
Sizes range small, medium, and large for KDC200, KDC270, KDC300, and KDC350.

Scroll down for a 360° view of the Finger Trigger Glove with KDC200, KDC300, and KDC350

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KDC Ring Scanner

The Ring Scanner, ideal for the KDC200 and KDC270, comes with foam padding sized to sit on one or two fingers and is ideal for someone who needs full use of their hands but also may want to easily remove the scanner for any reason (such as sorting through a bin of products). The pouch for the scanner has hook-and-loop connectors to attach to the “ring” portion of the accessory.

Bluetooth barcode scanner KDC200 FTG Adaptor Android iOS Windows iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Galaxy

Finger Trigger Glove Charging Cradle Adaptor

This adaptor allows any Finger Trigger Glove user versatility when charging so they can rest easy their wearable device will never run out of power throughout the day.

360° View

KDC200 with Finger Trigger Glove

KDC300 with Finger Trigger Glove

KDC350 with Finger Trigger Glove