Can the KDCs batteries be replaced?

Yes. The KDC100/200/250/300/400 have a separate battery compartment that can be opened easily with a screwdriver. Contact or your distributor for a replacement battery.

How long will the KDC’s battery last before it needs to be replaced?

Typically the battery on all models can be charged at least 300 times before it needs to be replaced.

How long does the KDC battery last on a single charge?

–          KDC20/200 – More than 2 days
–          KDC30/100/300/350/400 – More than 5 days
–          KDC450 – More than 8 hours

How long will the KDC100/200/250/300/400 battery last in sleep mode?

Typically the battery on all models can be charged at least 300 times before it needs to be replaced.

How long does it take to charge the KDC100/200/250/300/400?

The KDC100/200 will take about 2 hours to charge. The KDC250/300 will take about 4 hours to charge. KDC400 will take about 5 hours to charge.

How many barcodes can a fully charged KDC scan?

The KDC100 can scan more than 10,000 barcodes on a single charge. The KDC200 can scan more than 7,500 barcodes with a Bluetooth connection. The KDC250/300 can scan more than 20,000 barcodes with a Bluetooth connection. KDC400 can scan more than 40,000 barcodes with a Bluetooth connection.

My scanner is connected. Why don't I see any indication that it’s charging?

When charging a KDC 100/200/300/350/400 scanner and its battery is fully depleted, the battery will take maximum 5-10 minutes of charging before powering on. At that time, the scanner will power on. The LED lights will turn from orange to green when fully charged. If your scanner has been connected for more than 30 minutes and it has not yet turned on, please try a different USB cable or port, or check the outlet that the cradle is connected to for power.

Host Interface/Symbology/Operation

What interface ports are supported by KDC100/200/250/300/400?

The KDC100 has two USB ports, an ultra-mini USB which supports both Serial and USB-Serial ports, and a standard Type-A USB. The KDC200/250/300/400 have Bluetooth HID/SPP and one USB port which supports Serial and USB-Serial port. KDC200i/250i/300i/400i support Bluetooth SPP and “Made for iPhone” profile as well as one USB-Serial port.

What barcode symbologies are supported by KDC100/200/250/300/350/400?

KDC100/200/250/410/415 support all major 1D barcodes.
KDC300/420/425 support all major 1D/2D, Postal Symbologies and OCR-A/B.

Why does the KDC display a "Connection Failed" message while pressing the scan button?

The KDC device will show a “Connection Failed” message when a user presses the scan button if the Connection Alert option is enabled. This option will prevent the user from scanning a barcode when the KDC is disconnected. To disable the Connection Alert, access the menu on your KDC. Then, go to BT Config and select Connect Alert from the options. Select Disabled and be sure to save and exit.

How can I view my phone's keyboard when my scanner is paired?

When the scanner is paired in HID iOS it will automatically hide the keyboard.  Pressing the down button on the scanner will toggle it.


How many barcodes can be stored in the KDC100/200/250/300 data memory?

The KDC100/200/300 comes with two memory options: basic 160KB data memory or 4MB extended memory. The 160KB can store more than 8,000 UPC barcodes and the 4MB can store more than 200,000 UPC barcodes or 100,000 product records.

Can I download stored barcode or wedge barcodes to my application?

Yes, KTSync is a keyboard wedge, application generation, DB lookup and inventory program bundled with the KDC 100/200/250/300/400 which supports host devices running on virtually all technology platforms, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Windows XP/Vista/7/Mobile6.5.


Does KOAMTAC provide customization services for its KDC products?

Yes, KOAMTAC’s engineers can develop custom applications depending on the scope of the project. For more information regarding customization, please contact us at

Can a partner develop a PC or Smartphone/Tablet application for the KDCs?

Yes, an SDK (software development kit) is available Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Blackberry by filling out a request form here.