Property Management And Hospitality

Property Management companies are responsible for managing many different subcontractors who work at different times of the day, in different areas of a building. From cleaning crews who work throughout a building during the night to roofers repairing a roof, managing these resources requires tools to track them efficiently.

The KDC track subcontractors from the moment they start a job until they finish. Information about the subcontractor, including contractor’s name and company, location of work and automatic time stamp is stored as a barcode. Instantly, you will know when the contractor started, who did the work, where they worked, and the time they finished.

For the hospitality industry, KOAMTAC’s line of innovative, programmable Bluetooth barcode and card readers make managing events easy. Whether it’s checking badges at a conference or monitoring daily access to a building, KOAMTAC’s KDC is the right choice.

Compact yet durable, our barcode readers are designed to fit comfortably around the neck, or in the hand, preventing repetitive injuries common with larger barcode scanners. KOAMTAC’s KDC products are the smart accessories for smartphones and tablets for smart savings.