KDC280 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Barcode Scanner

1D Laser, CCD, or 2D Imager
Bluetooth Barcode Data Collector

The KDC280 enables diverse mobile Auto-Identification applications for collecting and storing barcode data.

The newest model to the KDC family this one features Bluetooth Low Energy to enable faster and simpler connection methods and use with smartwatches, smartglasses, and other wearable smart devices.

A built-in display and keypad eliminate blind erroneous data collection and enable interactive processes.

A rechargeable battery that is easily replaced can recharge from any USB port and allows more than 17,000 barcode scans with a 1-second interval. With 8MB of onboard memory that stores over 400,000 UPC product barcodes or 60,000 product database records, memory shortages are no longer a concern.

The KDC280 comes with FREE KTSync® software and SDK for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. KTSync includes a keyboard wedging feature, application generation, DB lookup, inventory management, and KDC configuration features. SDK provides technical support from our top engineers and development team.


  • IP65-Rated
  • 5′ Drop Spec
  • Bright OLED display
  • Large 8MB of data memory
  • Smart Bluetooth reconnection upon detecting disconnection either from the smart device or KDC
  • The best battery life Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • Five days scanning operation on a single charge in Bluetooth normal mode
  • Two weeks scanning operation on a single charge in Bluetooth power save mode
  • Bundled DB look up and inventory programs


All Major OS Support

KOAMTAC provides complimentary KTSync keyboard wedging and application generation software and SDK for Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Mac OS X, Windows, and Tizen devices.

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