The Bluetooth Barcode Scanner collection by KOAMTAC features the brand-new  KDC270 and KDC470, the KDC350 advanced scanner series that are perfect for healthcare environments, and the KDC400 sled series compatible with any phone or tablet as well as the myriad of scanners in between (including the KDC100 USB Scanner).

Every KOAMTAC bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Mac OS X, and Windows devices and comes with complimentary KTSync keyboard wedging and application generation software and SDK as well as unparalleled technical support. Superior scanning performance, 8MB of onboard data, and diverse Bluetooth profiles such as HID, SPP, and MFi are just a few aspects of every KOAMTAC bluetooth barcode scanner that make them leaders in Auto-Identification.

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