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SmartSled Cases

Create a sled scanner with any device

The KDC470 and KDC475 are unique sled-style scanners that attach directly to a smartphone or tablet via a SmartSled® case. This means any smartphone or tablet can collect barcode, MSR, NFC, and RFID data. This design allows you to upgrade your smart phone or tablet without the cost of also upgrading your data collector – simply get a new SmartSled case!

KOAMTAC offers SmartSled cases for the below Samsung devices.

  • Galaxy A3 2016
  • Galaxy A8
  • Galaxy J1
  • Galaxy J3
  • Galaxy J3 2018*
  • Galaxy J7 2018*
  • Galaxy Note3
  • Galaxy Note8
  • Galaxy Note9
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Galaxy S9
  • GalaxyS9 Plus
  • Galaxy Tab Active2**
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2018)
  • Galaxy Tab A 9.7
  • Galaxy Tab E 8.0
  • Galaxy XCover 3
  • Galaxy XCover4**
  • Galaxy XCover4S**

If you do not see your device listed, please contact us to get a custom SmartSled case started for your project.

*Integrated Custom Case available
**Integrated Custom case available for charging only – no data transfer

KOAMTAC offers SmartSled cases for the below Apple devices. When a case will fit multiple devices, this is noted by including both on the same bullet point with a comma between them.

  • iPad Mini2, iPad Mini3
  • iPad Mini4
  • iPad Mini5
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • iPad Pro 11
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd and 3rd Generations)
  • iPad5
  • iPhone5/ iPhone5S
  • iPhone6
  • iPhone6 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone8
  • iPhone7 Plus, iPhone8 Plus*
  •  iPhoneX, iPhone Xs
  •  iPhoneXR
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPod Touch 5G, iPod Touch 6G*

If you do not see your device listed, please contact us to get a custom SmartSled case started for your project.

* Integrated custom case available; direct connection overrides Bluetooth on iOS devices

KOAMTAC also offers SmartSled cases for the below devices:

  • Kyocera DignoF*
  • Kyocera DignoG*
  • Kyocera Duraforce Pro
  • Motorola G (3rd Gen)

If you do not see your device listed, please contact us to get a custom SmartSled case started for your project.

*Integrated Custom Case available

KOAMTAC Integrated Cases
The integrated cases enable simultaneous charging of the KDC and Smart Device using either a cable or charging cradle. Additionally, the integrated SmartSled cases facilitates the transfer of data through a direct connection rather than only Bluetooth. The cases feature a silicone inner case and hard outer shell where they connect to the KDC.

OtterBox SmartSled Cases
For many devices, KOAMTAC has teamed up with OtterBox to create SmartSled cases with trusted protection. Unlike an off-the-shelf OtterBox case, however, these feature precise screw holes and a set of screws for attaching the KDC in the optimal position. Pair an OtterBox uniVERSE case with the uniVERSE Case Adaptor for a fully integrated solution.

Other SmartSled Cases
Limited SmartSled cases are manufactured by KOAMTAC or other manufacturers without integrated charging and data capabilities. The cases are made out of shock-absorbing silicone with a hard plastic outer shell and feature screw holes for attaching the KDC. Pair one of these cases with the Universal Case Adaptor to create an integrated solution.


Download Part Numbers and MSRP in XLSX format

Samsung KDC400 SmartSled Cases
Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC400 Galaxy S4 Smartsled module362000$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy S5 Smartsled module362300$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy S6 Otterbox Smartsled module363400$49.95
KDC400 Galaxy S7 Otterbox Smartsled module364000$49.95
KDC400 Galaxy S8 Otterbox Smartsled module364920$49.95
KDC400 Galaxy S8 Plus Otterbox Smartsled module364910$59.95
KDC400 Galaxy S9 Otterbox Smartsled module364950$49.95
KDC400 Galaxy S9 Plus Otterbox Smartsled module364960$59.95
KDC400 Galaxy Note3 Smartsled module362205$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy Note8 Otterbox Smartsled module362100$59.95
KDC400 Galaxy Note9 Otterbox Smartsled module362110$59.95
KDC400 Galaxy XCover3 Smartsled module363700$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy XCover4 Smartsled module363710$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy J1 Ace Armor module363800$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy J3 Otterbox Smartsled module364700$34.95
KDC400 Galaxy J3 2018US Otterbox Smartsled module364701$39.95
KDC400 Galaxy J7 2018US Otterbox Smartsled module364801$39.95
KDC400 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Otterbox Smartsled module (2017 8.0)364210$69.95
KDC400 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Otterbox Smartsled module (2018 8.0)364212$69.95
KDC400 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Otterbox Smartsled module365100$89.95
KDC400 Galaxy A3 2016 Smartsled module365200$50.00
KDC400 Galaxy Tab E 8.0 Otterbox Smartsled module364220$69.95
Apple KDC400 SmartSled Cases
Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC400 iPhone5 / iPhone5S Smartsled module361400$50.00
KDC400 iPhone6 Otterbox Smartsled module362400$49.95
KDC400 iPhone6 Plus Otterbox Smartsled module362500$59.95
KDC400 iPod touch 4G Smartsled module360100$50.00
KDC400 iPod touch 5G/6G Smartsled module361800$50.00
KDC400 iPod touch 6G Otterbox Smartsled module361810$50.00
KDC400 iPad Mini2/3 Smartsled module361910$75.00
KDC400 iPad Mini4 Otterbox Smartsled module361930$69.95
KDC400 iPad Air Smartsled module362220$100.00
KDC400 iPad Air2 Otterbox Smartsled module362230$89.95
KDC400 iPad Pro 9.7 Otterbox Smartsled module364500$89.95
KDC400 iPad Pro 10.5 Otterbox Smartsled module364510$89.95
KDC400 iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen) Otterbox Smartsled module364520$129.95
KDC400 iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen) Otterbox Smartsled module364522$129.95
KDC400 iPad Pro 11 Otterbox Smartsled module364524$89.95
KDC400 iPad5 Otterbox Smartsled module364930$89.95
KDC400 iPhone7/8 Otterbox Smartsled module364800$49.95
KDC400 iPhone7/8 Plus Otterbox Smartsled module364900$59.95
KDC400 iPhoneX/Xs Otterbox Smartsled module365400$49.95
KDC400 iPhoneXR Otterbox Smartsled module365450$59.95
KDC470 SmartSled module
Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC470 iPod touch 5G/6G Smartsled module380500$99.00
KDC470 iPhone 7/8 Plus Smartsled module380505$99.00
KDC470 Galaxy Tab Active 2 Smartsled module380760$149.00
KDC470 Galaxy XCover4 Smartsled module380617$99.00
KDC470 Galaxy A8 Universal module380625$99.00
KDC470 Galaxy J3 2018 US Universal module380640$99.00
KDC470 Galaxy J7 2018 US Universal module380642$99.00
KDC470 General Universal Adaptor module380630$79.00
KDC470 OtterBox uniVERSE Adaptor module380635$79.00
Other KDC400 SmartSled module
Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC400 Kyocera DuraForce Pro Protech module364350$50.00
KDC400 Motorola G (3rd Gen) module363900$50.00

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