KOAMTAC Protective Boots

Protective Boots


for all handheld Koamtac Data Collectors


The Protective Boots for KDCs add shock absorption to your handheld KDC to protect it from drops and falls that could be damaging. When necessary, the boots allow for full access of keypad and display.

Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC20 Protective Boot934900$10.00
KDC30 Protective Boot934910$10.00
KDC100 Protective Boot935000$10.00
KDC200 Protective Boot936000$10.00
KDC270 Protective Boot936110$10.00
KDC300 Protective Boot936100$10.00
KDC350 Protective Boot936170$10.00
KDC350-R2 Protective Boot936175$10.00

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