Inventory management made easy.

The KDC200.

Save time & money.

The KDC300.

Find any size. Any quantity. At any location.

Discover the KDC350.

Accept payment everywhere.

The KDC500.

Free up your hands.

The KDC Finger Trigger Glove.

Charge your phone while you scan.

The KDC400 with SmartSled.

Capture leads seamlessly.

The KDC200

with silicon protective boot and lanyard.

Bluetooth barcode scanners, RFID readers, mPOS companions, KDC
Android, iOS, Windows

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth barcode scanner

KDC20 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

USB Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, KDC30, KDC

KDC30 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

USB Scanner KDC100 Inventory Database lookup data collector

KDC100 USB Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth barcode scanner, KDC200, wireless barcode scanner, handheld barcode scanner

KDC200 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth barcode scanner, KDC300, barcode scanner, compact barcode scanner

KDC250 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth barcode scanner, KDC300, barcode scanner, compact barcode scanner

KDC300 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanner, KDC350, IP65 scanner, NFC Scanner, GPS scanner, wireless scanner, wifi scanner, bluetooth scanner, healthcare barcode scanner

KDC350 Series Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner MSR KDC425 for Adroid iOS Windows iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Galaxy

KDC400 Series Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

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Our Mission

KOAMTAC’s mission is simple: to make the best, easy-to-use, competitively-priced Bluetooth barcode scanners, RFID readers, and mPOS companions to help companies increase productivity, and cut time and costs.

Backed by a team of Class A engineers, KOAMTAC is driven by innovation and excellence to maintain the company’s leadership status in the Bluetooth scanning technology market. The KDC Bluetooth barcode scanner product line revolutionized the marketplace when it was introduced and continues to do so, with the introduction of new models in the product line that deliver cutting-edge scanning solutions and applications.


As technology has evolved over the years across different verticals including retail, logistics, healthcare, and hospitality, the KDC Bluetooth barcode scanners have evolved as well in order to help support the smartphone and tablet solutions being used in each vertical. The versatile line of products KOAMTAC offers are designed to be utilized in a variety of different applications, including inventory management, field services, transportation, and delivery applications.


All KDC Bluetooth barcode scanner, RFID reader, and mPOS companion products are universally compatible across current technology platforms, and offer seamless use with iOS, Android, and Windows-based devices and applications.

Case Studies


Faster checkout lines, instant access to accurate product information, and quick, easy order processing are all benefits of the KOAMTAC Data Collector (KDC). The Bluetooth barcode scanners and mobile POS solutions help retailers increase sales and productivity. Integration is simple. Connect our KDC products, using a built-in serial or USB interface or connect the scanner with Bluetooth technology.

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For any transportation or logistics enterprise, large or small, the high cost of implementing, upgrading, or replacing an Auto-ID solution can seem insurmountable. At KOAMTAC, we remove that obstacle. Our dedication to the design, development, and implementation of sophisticated Auto-ID solutions allows your business to thrive.

Field Services

Quality customer service is a component of all successful companies. KOAMTAC and our KDC products provide Auto-ID solutions your customers need to deliver high quality customer service, bringing your client success through satisfied and loyal customers.


The warehouse is a bustling nerve center for any commercial operation and moving, tracking, and storing huge volumes of inventory quickly and efficiently are critical to success. Designed to work with all major smart devices, the KOAMTAC Data Collector can help any warehouse system boost efficiency and accuracy. This includes meeting supply chain’s needs and goals and improving your bottom line.


The healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to reduce medical costs and maintaining a high-level of service while delivering patient care. For providers, it is crucial to have instantaneous access to patient data and equipping them with the ability to access up-to the minute data is a vital requirement for improving the quality of healthcare overall.


Property Management companies are responsible for managing many different subcontractors who work at different times of the day, in different areas of a building. From cleaning crews who work throughout a building during the night to roofers repairing a roof, managing these resources requires tools to track them efficiently.

Event Technology

Whether it’s a corporate convention, college fair or anything in between, KOAMTAC knows it is about capturing leads. Collecting, managing and storing such critical information in environments that are busy and often chaotic is a challenge.